Gay and Lesbian Fund for San Diego


Members from San Diego's LGBTQ Community have a long history of philanthropic generosity that has benefited all of San Diego.

The Gay & Lesbian Fund for San Diego celebrates this fact by supporting effective and inclusive charities that acknowledge, respect, and appreciate support from the Gay & Lesbian Fund for San Diego. The fund celebrates diversity while promoting inclusion, acceptance, compassion, and tolerance for all individuals regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, race, ethnicity, religion, sex, age, marital status or disability.

Organizations receiving grants from the fund must have Board of Director approved written policies in place clearly stating that they do not discriminate against anyone, including their employees, volunteers, clients, or vendors because of sexual orientation or gender identity.

All approved grants must be publicly recognized as coming from the Gay & Lesbian Fund for San Diego. Public recognition is to be at a level no less prominent than that given for like-sized support.

A purpose of the Gay & Lesbian Fund for San Diego is to gain wide spread public recognition that philanthropy from our LGBTQ Community supports a wide variety of inclusive and effective organizations. Together, these organizations contribute to a higher quality of life benefiting all San Diegans.